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Power Modules PM240-2 :
PM240-2 Power Modules have a braking chopper (four-quadrant applications) and are suitable for a large number of applications in general machinery construction.

Power Modules PM250 : PM250 Power Modules are suitable for the same applications as the PM240 Power Modules. Any braking energy is directly fed back into the line supply (four quadrant applications - a braking chopper is not required).



SINAMICS G130 chassis units have been designed for variable-speed drives in machine building and plant construction.

They have been specially tuned to the requirements of drives with quadratic or constant load characteristics with medium performance requirements without regenerative feedback.

The control accuracy of the sensorless vector control is suitable for most applications, and additional actual speed value encoders are therefore superfluous.

SINAMICS G130 offer an economical drive solution which can be matched to the respective customer requirements by a wide range of components and options.

Features :

SINAMICS G130 provides a modular drive system for machine builders and plant constructors which permits a drive solution tailored to their applications. SINAMICS G130 consists of two modular, stand-alone components:

  • Power Module
  • Control Unit.

  • The units can be located separately or combined together. The power module contains a space for the control unit.

    The user-friendly AOP30 operator panel is available for start-up and local operation. Predefined interfaces, either via a terminal block or PROFIBUS, facilitate drive start-up and control. The interfaces of the control unit can be supplemented by additional modules.

    Typical applications :
    Pumps, Fans, Compressors
    Moving : Belt conveyors
    Processing : Mills, Mixers, Kneaders, Crushers, Agitators, Rotary Furnaces, Extruders



    Even in the world of drives, there are often forces which are difficult to control. Until the most powerful of our frequency inverters enters the field. The MICROMASTER 440 has been specially designed for those applications which require broader functionality and a greater dynamic response than is usually the case. The sophisticated vector control system ensures a uniformly high drive quality, even when sudden load changes occur. Fast response inputs and positioning deceleration ramps allow movement to target positions even without an encoder. Due to an integrated brake chopper, it works with outstanding precision, even during braking and short declaration ramps. All this is possible within a power range starting at 0.12 kW (0.16 HP) and going up to 250 kW (350 HP).

    SINAMICS V20 - Description
    Siemens is offering a simple and cost-effective drive solution with its compact SINAMICS V20 Basic Performance inverter. SINAMICS V20 sets itself apart as a result of its quick commissioning times, ease of operation, robustness and cost-efficiency. With five frame sizes, it covers a power range extending from 0.12 kW up to 30 kW.

    SINAMICS V20 - an overview of its strengths

    Easy to install

  • Push-through and wall mounting – side-by-side possible for both
  • USS and MODBUS RTU at terminals
  • Integrated braking chopper from 7.5 kW to 30 kW (10 hp up to 40 hp)

  • Easy to use
  • Parameter loading without power supply
  • Integrated application and connection macros
  • Keep Running Mode for uninterrupted operation
  • Wide voltage range, advanced cooling design and coated PCBs increase robustness

  • Easy to Save Money
  • ECO mode for V/f, V2/f
  • Hibernation mode
  • Optimized for solar panel powered pump system
  • Overload capability for FSE (High - and Low Overload)

  • SINAMICS V20 - Typical Applications
    SINAMICS V20 has a compact design, and can be individually adapted to the particular application or user requirements using various options (for example, an external BOP, connecting cable, filter, braking resistors, shielding, ...).

    The compact and rugged devices are tailored for Operating Pumps, Fans, Compressors and conveyor belts as well as for basic drive applications in the process and manufacturing industries.

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